Reuse The Past, Recycle the present, Save the Earth and Go Green

BioTech Grease Services pumps grease traps from restaurants and other institutions within a 100-mile radius of the Los Angeles Metro area.

BioTech Grease Services has been in the industry for years through our dedication to service, our strong track record of on-time pick ups, and our concern for the rendering industry and the environment. Rendering is the oldest primary example of recycling. It is very important to our ecology and essential to public health.

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Direct Field Service Contacts

Riverside Orange Counties


Los Angeles Counties


Temecula Location

27475 Ynez Rd ste 164

Temecula, Ca 92591

Office (800)-903-8012

Riverside Location

19069 Van Buren Blvd ste 164

Riverside, Ca 92508

Office (800)-903-8012